Hi Erwin and Gisele,
I just wanted to let you know how delightful it was to meet Glenn.
He is not only very handsome but he is a lovely person too and a real gentleman.
It was a pleasure to spend such special time with him. I was very nervous so please pass on my apologies for the amount of wine I consumed beforehand!
Kind regards




Good afternoon Gisele and Erwin,

Thank you for your email this morning.

Just to advise that Glenn was excellent and a very nice person also, so easy to talk with and J. and Glenn also got on very well, which was also good, but J. is the kind of person that gets on with everyone, so it was easy for him.

J. and I spoke after the date and we could not find anything that we did not like about Glenn at all.

He apologized very quickly about the previous date we had set, and he also remembered to wish me a happy birthday from last time, which I thought was very sweet and thoughtful.

We learned a lot on Saturday and my only criticism for ourselves was how much effort we put into it, I think we may have put too much pressure on ourselves on the run up to the date. I was still unsure and if it would all go ahead right up until 3.00pm when he arrived.

I think we should have just went with it and not planned in our own minds what was going to happen, and should have just seen how the day went, maybe a bit of advice
for any new customers thinking about doing this.

I was extremely nervous and it showed when we got back to the room. I thought that I was going to get cold feet at one point. Glenn very gently took over and lay me on the bed where he undressed me, as I know he knew I was very nervous and I was not going to do anything to take control of the situation.

After this I still took a while to relax, but got there eventually and had an excellent evening with him. Glenn was very gentle and loving with me which is what I like anyway and eventually got the best from me (He must have had the patience of a saint on Saturday haha).

Glenn has got a fantastic body as well as being a genuinely nice man, and to be honest looks even nicer in real life than in the pictures.

We would like to do this again and would like to ask Glenn to come back to Edinburgh, maybe June or September, but depends on his diary and if he wants to see us again!

We are quite happy if you use any part of this email as a review on your website.

Finally, thanks for organizing this for us, your company is very professional and so is Glenn.

V. and J.



Hello, Max was very good. Thanks.

S.Hi there,
Happy New Year to you.
I have nothing but fantastic things to say about Glenn – he was a wonderful conversationalist, very handsome with a fantastic body, kind, sweet, patient and loving.

He really is the perfect date and I would really recommend him to anyone looking to have an incredible evening in London.

My only constructive criticism if I had to find one is to suggest it might be best to avoid smoking any cigarettes for a few hours prior to meeting a client. It just didn’t even occur to me as something I should ask about, but I think it would have made a difference for me as I really dislike smoking and the taste cigarettes leave in someone’s mouth. This is not specific to Glenn really, but relevant to any smoker.

As I said, overall I had a fantastic time and Glenn was phenomenal.

Thank you again for your professionalism and great service. I look forward to working with you again soon.
Kind regards,




Hi Erwin,
First of all, I would like to thank u for everything. Thank u for recommending Glenn. I had a great time with Glenn for three nights. He is a really nice guy, easy to get along with, a perfect gentlemen and really good at making sure. I feel very special. I hope u could tell him I said thank u for the whole wonderful experience. I will definitely see him again when I return to London.
Thank U.




Hi Erwin!
Glenn was a true gentleman! So lovely to look at- and enjoy a body out of this world!!
He was also lovely to sit and talk to, as he was attentive and a great lisener.
All in all a lovely date!!