Thank you for a lovely vacation. It has been a memorable experience and I have you to thank for making it so flawless and well planned. My best regards to Johnny as well for his gracious company.
Best regards




Hi Erwin. Please could you pass on to Johnny a huge follow-up thank you for yesterday. He’s a fascinating man. Thank you so much to Johnny, and also to yourself for recommending him – wishing you and Johnny the best.
I don’t believe I will be in touch again for that final hour – and please consider that a good thing…you have given me exactly what I needed!




Hi, Thank you very much for all your help with booking Johnny.

We were very unsure about how it all works but you all made very informative and very easy so arrange, answering any queries we had.
Johnny was fabulous, and very professional. He did exactly what we needed and was very polite.

We will definitely use you again.
Thank you all once again.
Many thanks




My experience with The Men s Company was first rate, incredibly professional, understanding and kind.

I was sexually abused all through my childhood. This left me with all kinds of trauma, but one of the most damaging was a non-existent relationship with sex, my physical self and a horror of my body and its reactions. I had also never been kissed and was terrified of it.

In my ongoing therapy and journey of slowly rebuilding and trying to heal, my friend happened to suggest 2 years ago that maybe I should just hire an escort and kiss, have sex in a – rip off a band aid – approach. This was idea was horrifying and disgusting to me, but unconsciously the idea took root.

At the beginning of 2015, the year I turned 34, I was further along my healing journey and made myself a silent resolution that I would join a gym and conquer and reclaim my sexual self, by engaging in sexual surrogate therapy. I did months of research, exploring Sexual Surrogate therapy, but it was very expensive, had a long duration and you had no choice of who your surrogate was. It was not for me.

So I moved to lots of escort agencies before stumbling across The Men s Company. On Google it is termed as male gigolos which just sounded seedy but I clicked it, as it kept appearing in all the searches.

I kept returning to the site as I was impressed by its professional and open approach. I was also impressed on their explanation of how carefully they handpick and train their male escorts. I think this is because it is based in Netherlands. I loved how detailed the profiles were and how each man detailed what their specialties were. Now I was bound by money in that I could not afford to hire an escort abroad, so I was limited to the men in London.

I contacted the agency (Gisele and Erwin) and their speedy and acute understanding of how big a step this was for me was lovely. Each email response to my questions/worries was treated with respect, understanding and unbounding kindness.

I took the massive leap and booked Johnny. Now words fail me at how amazing my booking was. Johnny was incredible, sweet, tender and passionate, but most importantly he cleverly intertwined the upmost respect for my pace, but gently and slowly guided me to conquer my issues. I felt in control, but looked after. He taught me about my bodily responses and let me know that what was happening was normal. I felt secure in his skilled hands to be able to let go and relinquish control, allowing me to experience multiple orgasms. I originally booked 4 hours, but added an extra hour as things were going so well.

Also the professionalism of the company was again shown as Johnny was 15mins late due to traffic and so stayed the extra 15mins at the end of the booking.

At the end of the date he expressed how proud he was of me and we talked about how although this has happened it did not mean sex and my sexual journey was finished, merely that it had just begun and doing this did not mean everything was going to plain sailing.

This is so true. I feel now that I have caught up all that I physical side of things I missed due to the abuse and my next continuing hurdle is my emotional journey.

I had the most incredible night and saying thank you, although it is all I can say does not really cover how much you have done. Your company are an inspiration and Johnny literally gave me back my body and my life.

Oct.17th 2015





Thank you for planning a lovely time in London.

Johnny has been perfect in every way. he was corteous and caring and informative and a very enthousiastic conversationalist.

It has been my first time experiencing such company and I am certainly glad I chose to do so. I look forward to communicating with more in the future.

I will be heading back to India and was wondering if any of your escorts would be willing to travel there if I choose to seek your services again in the near future.

Best regards,