Hallo Erwin, Es war ein sehr schöner Abend mit Falko. Die Auswahl der location für das Dinner stand auf einem ganz anderen Niveau als davor.

Falko war pünktlich, ein sehr gutaussehender Typ, der alle Blicke auf sich zieht, sympathisch, körperlich sehr gut gebaut und gebildet. Der Abschluss bei mir zuhause ist nicht zu verachten und hat die Erwartungen erfüllt.

Liebe Grüße P.



Ich hatte vier wirklich sehr schöne Stunden mit Falko. Die Zeit war leider viel zu schnell um.

Vielen Dank für die Vermittlung. Falko ist ein ganz toller, aufregender, netter und natürlicher Mann, auf höchstem Niveau, der Frauen zu schätzen und zu verwöhnen weiß. Er hat meine Erwartungen noch übertroffen! Es war ein unvergesslicher Abend für mich! T.



Hello, Falko and I had an amazing night! Dinner at my hotel with fascinating conversation. Falko is very hot! Gorgeous blue eyes and a short beard which I loved. He looks better in person than in his pictures. Now that is saying something!

After dinner Falko did not disappoint in the bedroom. He was the perfect gentleman taking cues from me, providing an amazing massage and an amazing ending. It was a fantastic night. Thanks to Falko and to my husband for a great gift! Please publish this review if you wish. Thanks, K.



Hi Gisele and Erwin,

Hope you are both well.

Just a huge thanks to Falko from Frankfurt for coming to Edinburgh again, and to my fantastic husband Alan for organising this birthday surprise for me.

If there is any couple thinking about doing this, then just go for it and ask for Falko, he is such a genuinely nice guy.

This is the second time we have seen Falko and another excellent night. He is so good looking and much better in real life than in his pictures. When Falko is clean shaven he is so so hot ladies!!!

We didn’t waste too much time in the bar and my husband Alan and I headed back to the room with him. Again Falko did not disappoint in the slightest for the rest of the night.

The full frontal massage that Falko gave me was my husbands fantasy and he said it was amazing to watch me let go with Falko, and I enjoyed it all the way to a very happy ending. Wow we have to do that again sometime !!!!

Once again thanks to Falko, what a fantastic night xxxx

Please publish this review if you wish.

C. and A., Edinburgh



Vorige Woche hatte ich ein Date mit Falko: Super! Er ist ein richtiger Mann: lieb, sieht sehr gut aus und ist ein ganz guter Liebhaber. Ich hatte die ganze Woche ein Lach auf meinem Gesicht! Wenn Ich wieder nach Deutschland fahren muss, werde ich mich gerne wieder mit diesem tollen Mann verabreden! Danke Falko! LG aus Holland von “Frau Antje” (J)



Thanks for the email and your curiosity in the weekend in Edinburgh that we had, especially Saturday night. We had a fantastic night with Falko (Frankfurt). From the moment he arrived until he had to unfortunately leave in the morning, the three of us got on very well, and the surprise was kept of not knowing who it was until he arrived.
Great looking guy, especially clean shaven ha ha, very attentive, a real gentleman, with a great personality and humour.
When we got to the room we had a great time for the rest of the night and at times we were both “very naughty” and hopefully sometime in the future Falko will come back to Edinburgh and be “naughty” with me even more!
Thanks for organising it for us, it was just “a perfect night” and was quite sad when it all had to end in the morning.
A. and I have done nothing but talk about it since such an exciting time that we both had, but especially me.
Quite happy for you to publish all or part of this email for all to see.
With best wishes and regards

C. and A.



Good morning. Just wanted to let you know that Falko was a real gentleman and very professional yet connecting in his approach. We really enjoyed his company in Frankfurt and in Zurich and had a great time.
Thank you for your recommendation and please pass our regards to him.